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    Common Queries and Questions

    1. What prices are your services?

    Our prices vary depending on the package you choose and the individual needs of your business or books.

    2. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Cash, Cheques, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

    3. If I purchase a package is that the entire cost for the service?

    It depends. Our hourly rates do not include the cost of products or services, postage, long distance charges, third party charges or other such expenses which may be incurred in the performance of your specified duties. All reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with performing the services are billed as incurred. Feel free to give us a call (03) 9602 2408 to discuss this in full detail if you require further clarification.

    4. What if I Purchase A Package And Then Don’t Use All The Hours?

    When you purchase a package from EPC Bookkeeping regardless of which one, you have then the choice to use all your hours or hold them till you need them later as they never expire. Any unused hours can be used in 1 month or 12 its for when you need them.

    5. What is your privacy policy?

    EPC Bookkeeping respects your privacy. Any personal information collected from you will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be used for internal purposes only. Please read our Privacy Policy.

    6. What additional services are available?

    EPC Bookkeeping is affiliated EPC Consulting and Executive Personal Concierge other services that would also be available to you.
    Email Us for Questions Involving Payments, Billing, and Membership.

    EPC Bookkeeping

    +61 (03) 9602 2408

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